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12 december 2012
“Siberian Generating Company” CEO: “The heat tariff regulation system ought to incentivise proprietors for expenditure reduction”

12 december 2012
Siberian Generating Company” Reorganization Aimed to Enhance Operational Efficiency of All the SGC Enterprises

12 december 2012
“Siberian Generating Company” Providing Infrastructural Support for Development of Krasnoyarsk

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The Company’s Mission

Providing all sections of the population, including the business community, with reliable and uninterrupted energy, in the most environmentally-friendly way. Conducting our business efficiently and profitably, in the interests of our shareholders.

General Information

OJSC Yenisei Territorial Generating Company ( TGÑ-13) is a merged company created as a result of the integration of OJSC Krasnoyarsk Generation, OJSC TGC-13 and OJSC Khakass Generating Company renamed as OJSC Yenisei TGC ( TGC-13) on December 21st 2006. On December 31st 2006 the transition to a single shareholding structure took place, and OJSC Krasnoyarsk Generation and OJSC TGC-13 ceased to operate.

OJSC Yenisei TGC (TGC-13) is one of the largest generating companies in Siberia.

Main Activities

The main activities of OJSC Yenisei TGC (TGC-13) according to its Charter are as follows:

- Delivery (sale) of electricity, steam and hot water (thermal power) at the established tariffs according to the dispatching schedule of electric and thermal loadings.
- Generation of electric power
- Production of steam and hot water (thermal power)
- Acquisition (purchase) of electricity in the wholesale and retail electricity (power) markets.
- Acquisition (purchase) of heat from outside organizations.

OJSC Yenisei TGC (TGC-13) is a participant in the wholesale electric power market (WPM).

The company delivers electricity under regulated contracts at prices (tariffs) established by the regulating body and at free competitive prices on the balancing market 24 hours ahead.

Sole Executive Body

In August, 2009 LLC “Siberian Generating Company”” was established and began its operation.
LLC “Siberian Generating Company”” is entrusted with the function of Sole Executive Body in charge of strategic activity planning and management of JSC “Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)”. Decision on transfer of the functions was taken at the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC “Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)”in June, 2009. Operational governance of JSC “Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)” activities is performed by the Company management.

General Director of LLC “Siberian Generating Company”” is Kuznetsov Mikhail Varfolomeyevich.

The territory of service
The territory of service of OJSC Yenisei TGC (TGC-13) - Krasnoyarsk region and Khakass Republic.
Krasnoyarsk CHP-1, Krasnoyarsk CHP-2, Krasnoyarsk CHP-3, Krasnoyarsk CHP-4, Kansk CHP, Minusinsk CHP, Nazarovo SDPP, Krasnoyarsk Heating system, Abakan CHP.